Microchip: advanced motor-control tool with auto-tuning and self-commissioning capability

Microchip announces the immediate availability of their advanced motor-control software plug-in for the MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment with auto-tuning and self-commissioning capability. The plug-in, called motorBench Development Suite, is a GUI-based tool with automatic tuning of feedback control gains and offline accurate measurement of critical motor parameters such as resistance, inductances and the back Electromagnetic Force (EMF) constant.  This plug-in collects all the information relevant to the motor-control system and auto-tunes the control algorithm gains. The software then uses this information to generate MPLAB X IDE project code ready to run on Microchip’s dsPIC33EP family of Digital Signal Controllers. The generated code can then be reviewed and edited as needed and Flashed as motor-control firmware.

motorBench automates the time-consuming and complicated process of tuning the control loops for speed and torque to ensure that Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) spin reliably.  This initial launch is a game-changer for customers, allowing them to focus on other parts of firmware development and speed their time-to-market.

The motorBench Development Suite is currently available using Microchip’s dsPICDEM MCLV-2 Development Board with a dsPIC33EP256MC506 External Op Amp Motor Control Plug-in-Module) and a 24V 3-phase Brushless DC Motor with Encoder. The motorBench Development Suite is a free software plug-in for MPLAB X IDE.