Toshiba: double sided cooling in 60V MOSFETs for motor control and power supplies

Toshiba Electronics Europe has extended its range of high-efficiency U-MOS IX-H MOSFETs with an N-channel device in a ‘DSOP Advance’ SMD package that offers double sided cooling. The 60V TPW1R306PL has an ultra-low typical on resistance (@ VGS = 10V) of just 0.95mΩ and is offered in a very small form factor of 5 x 6mm. Maximum drain current and power dissipation are 260A and 170W respectively. The enhanced thermal dissipation provided by the double-sided cooling will help to reduce device count and save space in high-component-density applications. The thermal resistance rating (Rth (ch-c) of 0.88k/W) to the top side of the package is significantly lower than that of competitor packages.

Because Toshiba’s U-MOS IX-H process enables a ‘best-in-class’ trade-off between RDS(ON) and output capacitance/output charge, typical QOSS is just 77.5nC. This allows designers to further improve system performance and efficiency by raising switching speeds and reducing switching losses. Target applications for this latest MOSFET include DC-DC converters, secondary-side circuits of AC-DC power supplies and motor drives in cordless home appliances and power tools.